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CE Social Media

Managing your Brand Reputation

Protecting Your Brand

Brand ownership and management is no longer the relatively simple process of managing your message with

traditional media outlets, trade publications and your advertising agency. Now, a single person with a web

enabled cell phone can co-opt your brand and take control of your message.


We offer a comprehensive coverage model that scans millions of sites including blogs, public forums, Twitter, Facebook to name a few with more sites being added each day. The process is real time and structured to be relevant to your company. We aggregate the results for you so that trends are easy to see. Our process entails three keys facets: Listening, Engaging and Analyzing.


The social web is full of conversations talking about your brand, your products, your competitors and your industry. We can provide you with detailed information on these conversations giving you information about who is talking about you, about your competition, what they are saying, and how it reflects on your brand. They can identify the key influencers of opinion on your products and your brand.

With detailed information on what social media is saying about you, we can help you formulate a plan for an effective engagement strategy with your customers. With our process, you will know what is being said and have a chance to do something about it.


Every business has different ideas on how to engage with social media. Our team has the capability to manage your social media workflow, tagging sources, routing posts, and responding as appropriate. Responses may include something as simple as just saying thank you to providing information to directly help the customer with their issue or concern. Rapid response to issues and concerns show your company’s community that you care and are responsive to their needs. This goes a long way to ensuring small issues don’t become large or erupt into a full blown brand nightmare.

The next level of engagement is sales. As you hear customers talking about their needs and wants, you can respond with products and services that meet their needs.


Our process includes building a dashboard of key metrics that help you understand the impacts of your engagement strategy. These metrics allow you to evaluate the social stream and its impact on your brand. They allow you to identify influencers and track your efforts to influence them. Additionally, the broad measures allow us to identify key trends and provide in-depth analysis.

With the speed of social media, listening post analysis can provide you with the split second reaction time you need. Give us a call if you’d like to explore a Social Media engagement strategy.

Our agent audition system overcomes four critical hurdles in hiring. Finding the right associates is critical to your reputation.

Our agent audition system overcomes four critical hurdles in hiring. Finding the right associates is critical to your reputation.

Replaces traditional QA approaches toward call

quality with a more in depth assessment of transaction quality.

Our unique employee engagement model makes retention and quality work.

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