Advantage: Performance Endurance

Performance Endurance

Manage What Really Matters.

Approach to Performance Improvement

The Goals

5 Principles of the Performance Endurance

Gone as the dinosaur is the trial and error, “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks” approach to performance improvement … it is simply too costly in both dollars and reputation. At CE we have mastered the essential tools and perspectives that enable us to attack the right obstacles to outstanding service delivery ranging from the simple Pareto to the complex Structural Equation Modeling method of identifying and understanding the critical performance drivers. We understand the interrelationships between the human, technological and process dimensions of the business. True performance improvement is the result of consistent, focused hard work – not a barrage of quick fixes.

Operating a BPO center is analogous to an endless marathon. Every mile is the same and yet it requires focus, hard work, and a continuous focus on the basics. And every time you complete a mile, you see the next mile ahead of you. We’ve established the following 6 principles to manage this environment.

Improve customer satisfaction.
Increase employee engagement.
Decrease service delivery cycle time.
Reduce costs.
Increase profitability.

Strong leadership support and allocation of necessary resources balances responsibility and






Integration of the Plan – Communicate – Do – Check – Act cycle for continual improvement.

Lean practices to eliminate waste, streamline processes, and deliver superior service in a more timely and efficient manner.

Spot-check Audits:
     - How are we doing?
          What’s the standard?
          How far off from the standard?
     - How do we know?
Data-based Observable/Measurable
     - What are we doing about it?
          Focused, accountable actions
          Recognition, celebration

The Model

Cross-functional approach to evaluating and improving business performance. Scorecards track Key Performance Indicators linked directly to strategic business objectives and plans. Dashboard reports measure the effectiveness of the organization’s processes critical to supporting the strategy. Results in increased capability across the entire spectrum of the performance curve (see graphic below). KISS – Floor-level focus on the basic fundamentals.

Six Sigma Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control discipline to quickly find and clearly understand critical performance issues and then fix and sustain the improvement gains.

Our agent audition system overcomes four critical hurdles in hiring. Finding the right associates is critical to your reputation.

Our agent audition system overcomes four critical hurdles in hiring. Finding the right associates is critical to your reputation.

Replaces traditional QA approaches toward call

quality with a more in depth assessment of transaction quality.

Our unique employee engagement model makes retention and quality work.

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