Thinking: Intercultural Engagement

Defining Cultural Foundations

It is critical in today’s global delivery system to ensure that intercultural differences are understood and responded to in a proactive manner.


Through our rigorous Intercultural Engagement program our agents are able to adapt to and be more productive in working with others from different cultures. We train our agents to think like they are a member of that culture.

Our objectives with each agent are….


          • Dramatically improve rapport building with customer from other cultures.
          • Develop and understand the cultural and regional differences that impact the process of communication.
          • Create self awareness and self-assess impact on others.
          • Increase positive attitudes toward people of other cultures by raising awareness of counterproductive stereotypes towards people of other cultures.
          • Provide tools for understanding and overcoming differences.


We subscribe to three basic foundations for intercultural training.


Foundation 1 – Perception is Everything


Customers focus on the vocal behaviors that are important to them and disregard the rest. Customers react to what they perceive they heard and not necessarily what was said.


Foundation 2 – Learn the Languages of Cultures


Cultures have different rules and practices for interaction. When differing cultural practices collide, the typical results are miscommunication and frustration.


Foundation 3 – Apply the Platinum Rule


The golden rule assumes that people embrace the same cultural rules and practices. The platinum rule honors intercultural differences by stating, “Treat others as they would like to be treated themselves.” To do this, our agents must understand the habits of perception and learn the languages of cultures.