Thinking: Ideal VoiceTM


Every call begins with a customer’s expectations and predispositions.

Every agent leaves the customer with an impression of your brand. In between is human communication – a variable and complex exchange of verbal and cognitive signals. The quality of this dialogue can make or break your reputation.

The IDEAL Voice Agent Audition System is the first step in bringing IDEAL Dialogue to your call center. It assesses each candidate’s ability to understand and conduct IDEAL Dialogue.
The agents who leave customers feeling good about their experience with your company are influential, dedicated, engaging, articulate, and likeable. Finding these agents is critical to your reputation.
IDEAL Voice assessments are achieved through a combination of technology and human expertise.


Scripted and unscripted speech are recorded and examined for 23 dimensions of voice quality proven to affect customer perception and engagement. Findings of each assessment are detailed in a report and summarized in an ID Readiness score.


ID Readiness is more than the ability to read a script in a pleasant tone; it is the synthesis of a wide spectrum of vocal qualities and conversational habits.

What’s at risk is your customer’s opinion of your brand, which is determined just seconds into the call.

ID Readiness means:


          • The difference between your customer being glad he braved the wait for an agent—and disappointment
          • The difference between the perception of a small-time customer support operation and big-time customer-focused operations
          • The difference between a sale—and “nah, maybe later”

To protect the sound of your brand, you have to take charge of your brand’s voice.