Thinking: Ideal Leader

Leaders Who Inspire Achievement Are the Sine Qua Non Of Our Model

Constantly changing, highly communicative, densely staffed, delicately balanced… call centers are minefields of peril for employee satisfaction and performance. We believe our proprietary IDEAL leader program solves this problem.

We’ve defined an IDEAL Leader as someone who :


          • Recognizes employees’ internal barriers
          • Addresses issues at the root
          • Protects morale
          • Boosts productivity
          • Is an expert listener and communicator
          • Is a confident, competent coach
          • Fosters a team mentality
          • Inspires achievement


Agents relate to IDEAL leaders and want to please them. It’s no surprise that the most productive, most effective agents are also the ones who respect their leaders.


Our IDEAL Leader program starts with identifying the folks in our current employee base who have IDEAL Leader potential. Our selection component, IDEAL Leader Assessment Center, applies practical testing of the skills and habits proven to drive long-term success in the call center setting. The training component, IDEAL Management Development, steeps your leaders in the behavioral habits of an IDEAL leader. It gets to the root of people management—human behavior. In fact, it literally is a behavior-construction project. After 15 years of highly successful execution in the call center environment, this approach has been expertly tuned to maximize the effectiveness of leaders at all levels. Within the program are two applications:


          • Assessment Center, which identifies the management candidates in our current environment who are most likely to drive successful performance.

          • Management Development, a lean, concentrated training program that breaks down and reforms habits to build IDEAL leaders.


Both IDEAL Leader applications include separate tracks for leaders at supervisor, manager, and executive levels.