Advantage: Ideal Interaction

Ideal Interaction

The Science of the Customer Experience

The Model

We have built the Ideal InteractionTM model based on decades of research into the psychology behind customer satisfaction and customer experience management.  


We believe there are three critical stages to creating and sustaining Ideal Interactions. First, you have to hire the right person who has the ability to create the Ideal Interaction. Then, those people have to be trained in both the service we’re offering and the craft of communication. Finally, they must receive feedback and coaching that sustains the ongoing drive for top-notch customer interactions.

The ability to create Ideal Interactions with customers begins with having a voice and personality that invites customers to engage in the conversation. CE is the first company to adopt selection instruments that focus on finding agents who possess both caring voices and engaging personalities. We triangulate the results of a rigorous interview process, a profiling system that produces an “Emotional Engagement Indicator”, and a candidate voice audition system that produces the “Potential Verbal Impact” rating for each candidate. By examining the results of all three sources, we are able to select candidates who are natural conversationalists, and who have the potential to achieve Ideal Interactions.


The common misconception in our industry is that because we all communicate as human beings, it is something we can all do easily, and therefore need little training. Our view is the opposite. We believe that because we have been communicating for our whole lives, we have formed bad habits. Therefore, our approach is to take our high caliber recruits and put them through a verbal impact basic training course. By revolving the agent’s view 180 degrees, our training reveals the service call experience from the customer’s point of view. In doing so, we illuminate the critical concepts of perception management. Through self-reflection exercises, agents learn to assess their own voices and effectively adjust the way they sound. In the end, making the customer interaction comfortable and effective becomes second nature. A key component of this model is our focus on the craft of communication explained below


Finally, we recognize that in order to consistently deliver Ideal Interactions we have to make sure our guiding principles are shared with, and owned by, our management team. Through our detailed and ongoing leadership development our management team is prepared to preserve our Ideal Interaction standards. Our training steeps managers in the Ideal Interaction culture, enabling them to drive consistent performance across our operation. The result is a highly professional, highly motivated group of advocates who work for you and your customers.

The Craft of Communication

The Goals

The goals of an Ideal Interaction™ are to meet the customer’s needs in a way that leaves the customers feeling good about their experience with your company. This does not happen just by accident. It takes well trained agents in the craft of human communication. The agents must be influential, dedicated, engaging, articulate, and likeable.

7 Principals of the Communication Craft













Each interaction is crafted for the customer and their unique needs at that moment in time.
Goal for every crafted interaction is a unique and lasting positive memory.
Each person brings a valuable and unique set of communication talents.

We embrace and cultivate their unique talents, allowing them to personalize their calls.
Associates adhere to the boundaries, norms, and expectations of the craft.
Constant mentoring and guidance is critical, and features personalized development plans.
We share best practices to inspire individuals to hone their craft.

Our agent audition system overcomes four critical hurdles in hiring. Finding the right associates is critical to your reputation.

Our agent audition system overcomes four critical hurdles in hiring. Finding the right associates is critical to your reputation.

Replaces traditional QA approaches toward call

quality with a more in depth assessment of transaction quality.

Our unique employee engagement model makes retention and quality work.

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