Thinking: Ideal Agent


Once you have the right agents in place, you need the right kind of training. The way our agents are trained to communicate has everything to do with how your customers feel about your brand. Ideal Agent is the scientific approach to achieving the Customer Experience you want.

The programs ensures the following:


          • Emphasis on IDEAL Dialogue to develop Influential, Dedicated, Engaging, Articulate, Likeable agents
          • Perspective-shifting to train agents in how customers perceive their conversational habits
          • Self-reflection exercises that prepare agents to lead comfortable, effective interactions
          • Inter-cultural training that surpasses basic speech and geography lessons to drive true customer rapport


IDEAL Agent trains agents in the conversational habits of IDEAL Dialogue. It dissects the way an agent crafts conversation and explores vocal cues that influence customer perceptions.


We developed the concept of IDEAL Dialogue based on decades of research into:


          • The science of human communication
          • The power of perception
          • The art of crafting engaging conversations.


From an agent perspective, IDEAL Agent offers a whole new view on the customer-agent exchange. By revolving the agent’s view 180 degrees, IDEAL Agent reveals the service call experience from the customer’s point of view. In doing so, it illuminates the concepts of perception management. Through self-reflection exercises, agents learn to assess their own voices and effectively adjust the way they sound. In the end, making the customer interaction comfortable and effective becomes second nature. They understand their own communication styles and excel in customer engagement. They take ownership of the customer’s experience and responsibility for your brand’s good name.