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Our Principles

To achieve our vision, we are committed to a set of guiding principles...


 • Total commitment to achieving the best possible Customer Experience within the operating     parameters provided.
 • Complete understanding that the Employee Experience is the key to our ability to fulfill our mission.
 • The End Results are the measure of our success.
 • Our ultimate success rests with our Clients success and our ability to be an Advocate for their goals.

These principles serve as the foundation for our business and guide us in every decision we make:


Customer Experience
We differentiate ourselves by owning the Customer Experience. We provide swift, accurate, friendly service that is easy to use and access. We ensure that the Customer's Experience with us improves their overall experience with the product or service beyond the reason they contacted us. They leave better off for having talked to us. Whether it is the smile that brightens their day or the new feature or service they never knew about, they are glad they had an opportunity to talk with us.

Employee Experience
We have a shared enthusiasm and passion for the work we do. We know what is expected from us and we have the tools to accomplish our roles. We promote and support personal and professional learning and growth. We respect and support each other and embrace our differences in all our interactions. We act with integrity in all we do. My coach cares about me and my opinions count. I know how I am performing and I am recognized for a job well done. We have fun everyday.

Client Advocate
We care about our Client's business success as if it were our own. We strive to exceed the results our Client's are trying to achieve. We extensively research and develop leading edge innovations that ensure world-class performance is provided to each customer. We look beyond today's requirements and anticipate enhancements we can provide to the services we offer.

We achieve the desired results. We understand that the path is rarely easy which is why we are relentless in our pursuit of the goal. We have a maniacal focus on performing the details of the job with excellence. We continually strive to improve what we've mastered and to achieve new levels of performance for our Clients.

CE has established a set of guiding principles for the organization that reflect our core values. These principles are proven to have an enduring permanent value in the operation of an effective customer interaction center. We strive to make every customer interaction an Ideal Interaction. While most call center companies talk about them, very few really believe in them. When push comes to shove in most call center companies, margin pressures, internal bureaucracy and sloppy management get in the way of actually delivering on the promise of making every customer interaction an Ideal Interaction.

Our agent audition system overcomes four critical hurdles in hiring. Finding the right associates is critical to your reputation.

Our agent audition system overcomes four critical hurdles in hiring. Finding the right associates is critical to your reputation.

Replaces traditional QA approaches toward call

quality with a more in depth assessment of transaction quality.

Our unique employee engagement model makes retention and quality work.

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