Engagement Strategy

CE offers a myriad of engagement strategies to serve you and your customers. Whether you want a traditional outsourcing relationship, a joint venture, or cost plus contract, we can meet your needs. Outlined below are options or we can customize a solution for you.

Proximity Sourcing is a unique approach to Customer Experience Management that allows your company to gain the lower costs of outsourcing while ensuring the promise of your Company’s Brand.

Every business needs to continually manage its Customer Experience to ensure that every interaction strengthens the future relationship with their customers. It must value every customer touch, every time. It must increase the customer’s desire to come back to the company, buy more products and services, and evangelize the company to new potential customers.


Proximity Sourcing™ is designed to adapt our approach to fulfill your brand promise, differentiate your company from the competition and drive exceptional profitability.


Proximity Sourcing is a differentiated approach to interaction center outsourcing that ties customer experience, operational performance and results attainment to an innovative recruiting and staffing model. This approach aligns our performance and compensation directly to your goals.

Without time consuming and costly investments in infrastructure, we can provide you with turnkey operations at your site or ours that maintains your culture, brand promise and your customer experience in a world-class operating environment. Whether your goals are simply to lower your costs or improve your performance in the US or to take advantage of low cost labor markets in India, Philippines, Latin America or other global markets, Proximity Sourcing can provide you with the people and a place that conforms to your corporate standards.


Proximity Sourcing allows you to continue to own your Customer Experience for the same or lower costs than you can outsource it. Additionally, the Staffing as a Service Model provides an a la carte approach to Proximity Sourcing that provides the benefits listed below.


                              Reduced Customer Experience risk 
                              Improved Employee Experience
                              Access to world-class process and technology
                                                            Maintain your Employee Brand
                                                            Reduce operating costs
                                                            Limit internal resource distractions
                                                                                          Reduced infrastructure over other strategies
                                                                                          Improved company focus
                                                                                          Improved staffing and recruiting capabilities

The classic arrangement governed by a master services agreement and one or more statements of work.

Identifying the economic levers of our relationship and sharing in the value created is the core of this arrangement.

Selling a part or all of your operations to us with a long-term contract allows you substantial financial gains as well as risk mitigation.