Thinking: Engage 100 TM


Employee turnover is the critical KPI that has continued to elude a sustained solution in the industry.


It’s responsible for increase costs due to the extra recruiting and training that must be done to replace trained agents. It’s responsible for a substantial decrease in customer satisfaction due to agents with little experience handling inquiries. Half of this turnover happens in the first 100 days of employment.

Most people hired into our industry are not prepared for the level of emotional labor required day in and day out. They are placed into a constantly changing environment with emotional or irate customers and a high emphasis on achieving productivity and quality goals. Very few people are equipped naturally to deal with the stress. This also leads to an increase in absenteeism further exacerbating the turnover issue requiring even more recruiting, hiring, and training.


At CE, we developed Engage 100™ to solve this problem. Our program begins in the recruiting process and extends until our Agent is fully integrated into their new job and company.