Advantage: Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Unleashing the Power

The Model

Employee engagement is the most powerful force a BPO center can harness. Engagement can be viewed as the perfect storm that forms when three separate elements entwine: (1) intrinsic motivation, (2) personal growth, and (3) autonomy.


Intrinsic motivation occurs when the purpose of work is known to resonate with the attitudes, values, and beliefs of the agent. One of the responsibilities of management is to make explicit the link between work and deeply held beliefs and values. In the customer contact industry, the intrinsic value of work emerges from the innate desire to help others in need.

Personal growth is the antidote to the monotony and boredom that plagues our industry. For work to be engaging, the complexity of the job must match directly with the skills of the agent. Indeed, work must be challenging enough to require the full application of one’s talents and skills but not so challenging as to overwhelm and exhaust the agent. For continuous learning to be effective, training must be ongoing, developmental, integrated, and cumulative so as to foster psychological complexity and to produce communication excellence.


Autonomy occurs when goals are clear (e.g., highly satisfied customers) but the method used to achieve the goal is crafted by the agent. Because each individual has different communication talents, styles and dispositions, she is most capable of discovering and mapping the choices and strategies that work best. Given the complexities of customer interaction, the demands of autonomy make communication training vital. For autonomy to be a successful practice, workers must become self-monitoring and self-correcting, which requires a transparent climate of trust, professionalism, and accountability.

The worker believes in the job because work directly reflects her/his attitudes, beliefs and values. Work is meaningful when it reinforces one’s values and beliefs.

The individual chooses the optimal way of reaching goals based on talent, training, skills, and situation. The price of autonomy, however, is accountability.

Work must be complex enough to develop talents and skills continuously; but, work should to be too challenging as to cause anxiety, fatigue and eventual burnout.

Our agent audition system overcomes four critical hurdles in hiring. Finding the right associates is critical to your reputation.

Our agent audition system overcomes four critical hurdles in hiring. Finding the right associates is critical to your reputation.

Replaces traditional QA approaches toward call

quality with a more in depth assessment of transaction quality.

Our unique employee engagement model makes retention and quality work.

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